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About us

About us
Anqiu bo Yang machinery manufacturing co., LTD

Anqiu bo Yang machinery manufacturing co., LTD Was established2008Years,Is a professional manufacture(Powder、Granular、Paste、Block)Material packaging machinery、Conveying machinery、Automatic warehousing logistics machinery、Environmental protection machinery research and development production enterprise,Is set import and export of international trade、The electronic commerce、The network marketing in the integration of science and technology innovation enterprise。Enterprises listed company presently for qilu equity trading center、The provincial high-tech enterprises、Good product in shandongCACertification enterprises、The enterprise technology innovation enterprise in shandong province、Weifang a enterprise technology innovation enterprise、Weifang intellectual property pilot enterprises、Weifang science and technology private enterprise、Weifang super integrity of private enterprises、光彩事业先进企业等,And was awarded a prize of science and technology of shandong province productivity、2017Award for the best entrepreneurial buster brand on both sides of the Taiwan straits。 Company focus on r&d and innovation,The company now for weifang enterprise technology center、Weifang industrial design center、Weifang packaging mechanical engineering technology research center、Shandong university bo Yang machinery packaging equipment...

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The cooperative enterprise:ユーグロップCo., LTD

About us
ユーグロップCo., LTD

ユーグロップCo., Japan's optimal stock co., LTD(Yougrop Co.,Ltd)Was established1991Years,Located in the city of Osaka lake areas,Is a professional research and development of powder machine、Chemical machinery and automation machinery manufacturing factory,Main business includes:All kinds of powder equipment research and development manufacturing;Chemical mechanical design production sales;Chemical food machinery research and development manufacturing system;Plant engineering design;All kinds of engineering contracting, etc。The company is acted on“Security、Peace of mind”Service concept to provide services to the customers,Is Japan's mitsui group、Toyota group、Sumitomo group、Group in Korea and Japan、Honda group of high quality service。 Company research and development of micro pulverizer、High-performance classifier、The powder filling machine、Unpacking the unloader、Particle size measurement equipment is mainly used in the food、Medicine、Chemical industry、Electronic materials、New materials and other industries,Product development and test center set up by company can provide customers with the right equipment engineering solutions,And to ensure that all aspects fully meet customer requirements。The company with the United States、Germany and other mechanical equipment company... More and more


Can automatic destacker prducts for petroleum coke discharging operations?
Many customers will have any questions,Usually in the industrial field,The automatic destacker generally applicable to all kinds of powder、Granular、Small patches of loose materials such as prducts unloading operations。But the material such as petroleum coke,It's...
Common tube chain conveyor cleaning device?
This system generally installed at the inlet,Raw materials for sticky sex is not very big,By hitting vibration method is to stick on the scraper chain conveyor and drive chain vibrate out of raw materials,So it is...
How ton bag destacker dust prevention and control?
Ton bag bale opener is a to“Clean、Environmental protection、Efficient、Automatically”R&d and production as the goal of ton bag unpacking the device,This device can through electric hoist materials will be put in equipment cabinets,Under the conditions of completely sealed...
25kgCalcium powder can be used in automatic packing machine50kgThe packing?
Anqiu bo Yang machinery technical personnel said,This basically is to see packaging machine type。...
Ton bag destacker unpacking operation how to realize the material?
Ton bag destacker itself configuration electric hoist lifting material to bale opener frame above,Then slowly falling,Material bag in the process of slow down by artificial feed opening open, or the cross cutter(Optional)The material bag...
Tube chain conveyor for powder can improve transmission distance?
According to the tube chain conveyor for powder structure and operating principle,The equipment is in keeping the stable performance、High efficiency under the premise of the fuselage can be set in60The scope of m,To satisfy the business enterprise of transporting distance related needs。...

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