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Dengfeng city song the furnace industry technology co., LTD,Henan province high and new technology enterprise,Located in dengfeng city three mile zhuang high-tech industrial park,Here207National highway、Yu03Provincial highway、Zheng Shaoluo highway intersection,From the famous shaolin temple20Kilometers,From the provincial capital of zhengzhou68Kilometers,West nine dynasties luoyang70Kilometers。The transportation is convenient,Picturesque scenery,The environment is exquisite。 Song the mainly engaged in high temperature furnace、High temperature electric heating element、High temperature electric heating element accessories、High temperature molybdenum products research and development and manufacturing,Is specialized in the production of high temperature electric heating industry。Since2009In business since,Professional committed to the high temperature electric heating products production technology research and development in related field,Continuously improve product quality,Accumulated manufacturing experience。Song the adoption of advanced process equipment、PerfectISO9001The quality management system and scientific management mode,For the domestic and foreign customers with high quality products and services。 A business,Service life,I, friend! Song the force makes the high temperature electric heating assured brand! Choose song,Choose success! I company for direct manufacturers,Main business scope for high temperature electric heating element、Silicon molybdenum rods、Silicon carbide、Fixture、Tungsten and molybdenum products、The materials of kiln、Mechanical electrical equipment、Hardware dianliao、Sales of instrument、Industrial furnace production sales。Sales hotline:037162768001 /18638938106 /13253391909。 ...

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Raw materials selection—For each batch of raw materials for laboratory testing

Dengfeng city song from early on the furnace industry science and technology co., LTD,On the original raw materials suppliers Material quality strict inspection,Including raw material granularity、Purity inspection report、Analysis of the impurities,Indeed Protect each batch of raw materials can meet the requirements of production technology,And requiring suppliers to sign quality assurance Written material。

Attention to detail—In view of the strict control in the production of every detail

Dengfeng city song the furnace industry science and technology co., LTD pays attention to the details in the process of production control,From the match Material ratio、Pressure、Density、The sintering temperature、Resistance to strictly control,From the raw material Finished product need after two times of heating temperature and resistance testing,Ensure products resistance error not super pas±0.1Ohm。

Science and technology innovation—According to different industries,Different temperature on the modified products

Dengfeng city song the furnace industry technology co., LTD, attaches great importance to the customer's requirements,According to the customers With environment and the use of temperature,Product specifications and surface treatment for improvement and development,In order to meet the Under different atmosphere and different working temperature,To meet customer requirements of temperature and service life。

High-quality after-sales—By telephone pays a return visit to customers on a regular basis

Dengfeng city song the furnace industry always thought of science and technology co., LTD,Only the customer affirmation is our forward motion Force,So we will visit different lines of customers,Understanding customer usage and customer requirements,And out the other Now problems in a timely manner,One can better and more long-term cooperation。

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