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Focus on data storage technology、Cloud computing applications and data services,Customers with innovative products for the enterprise、ITServices and solutions

Focus on data storage technology, cloud computing applications and large data services, to provide customers with innovative products, IT services and Solutions

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An innovativeITConstruction mode:Gradually adopt virtualization to build foundation for the future;Raise the level of internal and external network data security and protection。

For the future and gradually use virtualization to build the foundation

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Tree of national brands,Casting quality in the world—YunKe person has been working hard

Tree national brand, casting the world quality - Cloud Division who has been working

Subversion?Or to redefine the backup?CDM,How do you say see YunKe data?

CDMIs what east east:CDM(Copy Data Management,Copy the data management),Also...

Data explosion era,DFS1000Storage“Yong”

How these data storage solution?Let meDFS1000To meet you...


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