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About us

Sihui star bond racks co., LTDWas established1998Years,Is hanger set design、Research and development、Production and sales in the integration of professional high self hanger production enterprise,The new industrial park is located in guangdong province tourism city---Sihui,Covers an area of2Million square meters,In2006By the end of the newly built and put into operation,Plant a variety of hardware facilities,Wood drying equipment、ATFLaser marking、Automatic nc painting equipment,Many sets of advanced CNC woodworking equipment, etc。

The vigorous development of the apparel industry,“Hangers”Has from the beginning of functional requirements into a rather elegant way to hang the garment。“Beautifully made hangers,Meet the personality hang the garment、Create new hangers”,Is the goal of our star state。Our partners is given priority to with each big mall clothing brand stores,Cooperation of well-known clothing brand dozens。Company to market demand-oriented,Constantly introduce advanced production equipment and professional talents,Formed from the research and development production and sales of professional team,Efforts to provide customers with more perfect service。The company has free trade import and export right,Products are exported to all over the world。Company founding up to now,Each step is inseparable from your support,We promise to all customers,Company produces all the racks with fine material、Along with our innovative technology、Professional clothing display consultant、And our many years of experience in the field of fashion and industrial,Trying to make your fashion apparel ideal display effect。


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