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AC/WASeries accumulator
Mr Parker-AC/WAThe characteristics of series accumulator:The accumulator:Maintain loop pressure,High frequency and quickly unload the application of an ideal choice,ACLSeries prefi lled to100bar
    AC/WASeries accumulator     
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    Bag type accumulator:     
    How to ensure that gas filling nitrogen charging accumulator is nitrogen     
    How to ensure that the accumulator to work properly?     
    Is the role of accumulator in the hydraulic system pressure oil     
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Fenghua ningbo the litres of hydraulic manufacturing co., LTD is fenghua hydraulic industry technical management backbone\The examination personnel restructuring,Our company is a domestic one of the major manufacturers specializing in the production of hydraulic components。The company registered capital300Wan,Plant area5000More than square,Located in fenghua dock outgoing science park west。The company mainly produces:The accumulator、The accumulator in the attachment、Nitrogen charging car、Safety valves、High pressure ball valve、High pressure cut-off valve, etc。For metallurgical industry for a long time、Mine、The oil、Chemical industry、Engineering、The hydraulic equipment of form a complete set of light industrial machinery and other industries。At the same time,We can different users design and manufacture all kinds of hydraulic components and systems。 Our production equipment is complete、Advanced production technology、Testing equipments、Perfect management system...
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Capsule accumulator
GLCType cooler
YJF(JZF)Type high pressure cut-off valve
QJHHigh pressure ball valve series
CJZQType High pressure ball valve
KHB(BKH)、KHM(MKH)High pressure ball valve series
XJFAccumulator type globe valve
AJFType safety valve
AJType accumulator control valve group
QFZType accumulator relief valve group
AQFBall valve type accumulator with safety
CQJType of aeration(Valve)Tool
QXFCharging valve
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